Here We Go

IVF Round 2 is officially underway. I started taking birth control this morning for down regulation. This simply means my ovaries are being turned off by the birth control so the doctor can better control egg maturation. Later on, the injections will fuel follicle growth and egg maturation, so we don’t want my ovaries to start working on their own and ahead of schedule. Like Brennen says, we don’t want them to be OVARYchievers. Not yet anyway. 

Dr. Memphis’ nurse called with our IVF schedule today. We have a tentative stimming (injections) start date of September 23 and the retrieval planned for the week of October 3. We thought we wouldn’t have to make a trip back to Memphis until the retrieval, but my doctor wants to meet with us next week to go over the stimming regimen and do a sonohysterogram (saline injected into the uterus to check for polyps where he’ll place the embryo). We will be traveling to Memphis next week for this “fun” appointment. 

As I penciled all the dates on our calendar, I found myself tearing up. Countless times throughout this process, my tears have been for heartache. But this time, it was different. My tears were for hope and for gratefulness. And it’s because this time around, I feel more prepared, more equipped. Brennen and I both do. I think it’s because of how much we’ve grown as individuals and as a couple this past year. Without a doubt, we’ve become closer. We’ve learned to trust and lean on each other more than ever before. How can I not trust the man giving me my daily hormone injections! And how can he not be the one whose shoulder I cry on during every breakdown. We’ve learned more about ourselves – our limits, how we handle emotions, how we cope, how strong we are. We’re more educated and empowered. Brennen would say he has learned more about the reproductive cycle than he ever imagined! And we’ve strengthened our relationship with God and learned to put our trust in Him. When I look back at all we’ve gained this past year, I don’t see our three IUI’s and first IVF cycle so much as “failures” anymore.

So tonight, I’ll tape our calendar to the fridge (because for some reason KitchenAid made one that isn’t magnetic). And in the midst of the scheduling and planning, I’ll take the time to stop and be grateful for all that we’ve gained so far on this journey and hopeful for the blessings that are still to come.

Here we go!


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