Two Weeks ’til Baseline

Yesterday, we traveled to Memphis for injection training and my sonohysterogram. The precautionary antibiotic that I took beforehand made me sick all day. Combine that with having a full bladder while someone inserts saline solution into your uterine cavity and snoops around with an ultrasound wand. Not a fun time. My flooded uterus was letting out a pretty hefty S.O.S. (aka cramps). During the procedure, I was hoping Brennen would reach over and grab my hand so I would have something to squeeze besides my dress. He never caught the hint. He just stared at my uterus being projected onto a 42 inch flat screen. You would have thought it was a football game. I tease, but I’m always so thankful he’s there. He takes great notes and asks all the questions. There is only so much information one can process whilst in stirrups.

Once I was fully clothed with my feet on the floor, the nurse went over our injection protocol. During this cycle, my dosages and instructions are a little different than Round 1. I’ll take 75iu of Menopur in the morning and 275iu of Follistim in the evening (this is 50iu more than last time).  The Ganirelix will come later in the stimming cycle, same dosage. The injection training was a breeze since Brennen considers himself a pro. I didn’t have any bruises on my stomach after Round 1 which was quite an accomplishment for him.

While we were at the clinic, we were fortunate enough to get 2 free syringes of Ganirelix. Since we have one left from Round 1 and are getting 2 more from a sweet friend of mine, we won’t have to purchase any. That saves us close to $600. And since each round of IVF plus medication runs us about $13,000, saving $600 is HUGE. Hopefully, this round will work, and I can pay it forward in a few months by giving away some of my leftover meds. Let’s hope so!

So, it was a quick trip to Memphis. Our next appointment is September 21st (just 2 weeks!) for the baseline ultrasound and blood work.  That appointment will be here in Jackson. I’ll stop taking birth control on September 17th, so just a few days before the baseline appointment.  Until then, we’ll order our medications and start organizing it all. That is perhaps my favorite part of stimming prep. I already have my eye on a new label maker!


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