Since Breanne is still feeling sore and groggy and is operating on a very short fuse (trust me), I will be handling this update on the egg retrieval.

Day Before Retrieval – Sunday

As Breanne mentioned in her last post, she took the trigger shot of Lupron Saturday night in preparation for an egg retrieval Monday.  She had an appointment Sunday morning for some blood work, and we were told that no news was good news.  So since Sunday just consisted of hoping we wouldn’t get a phone call, we had some big plans for the rest of the day – see the Peabody ducks, grab lunch downtown, do some shopping in Germantown, and celebrate with a nice dinner that night.  Well, Breanne’s ovaries, and her hormones for that matter, had other plans.  She woke up Sunday morning feeling pretty bloated and crampy, so after the doctor’s appointment, she came back to the hotel to nap. I supported her by napping too.  Around 10:00, I woke up to a whimpering noise and looked over to find Breanne sound asleep with tears running down her face.  I woke her up in a panic asking what was wrong and she told me in the most pitiful voice, “I dreamed you left me.” I felt horrible and held her while I reassured her that was not going to happen.  Then, in true Breanne fashion, she muttered through her tears, “But you bought me a cake.”  I don’t think she ever even opened her eyes.  She just cried for a little bit and went back to sleep. Hormones.  We spent the rest of the morning lounging around the hotel room, eating take out, napping, and watching football. Or as I like to call it – heaven.  She finally started to feel better Sunday evening, so we grabbed us some good Memphis Barbeque and some frozen yogurt for dessert and headed to bed…after we went back to the barbeque joint so we could get Breanne’s purse that she left.

Retrieval Day – Monday

We had to be at the surgery center at 7:30 to check in.  The tricky thing about an egg retrieval is that the doctor had to retrieve the eggs before she ovulated.  That’s why the doctor instructed us to take the trigger shot at 8:30pm Saturday, precisely 36 hours prior to retrieval.  I was so nervous we would over sleep and not make it to the clinic on time that I set both cell phone alarms, had Breanne’s mom call at 6:15, had my mom call at 6:30, and asked for a wake-up call from the front desk.  Breanne would like for me to add, “After all that we still didn’t leave when we wanted to because Brennen didn’t account for his morning bowel routine.”

We made it to the clinic on time and checked in.  While Breanne waited to be taken back, I had to go upstairs to donate my sample, a much easier process than what Breanne went through.  I was able to see Breanne again just before she went back for the procedure at 9:00.  She was in good spirits and ready to lighten her ovarian load!  During Round 1, Breanne had about 16 follicles on the day she triggered, and 10 eggs were retrieved. On trigger day during this round, she had 32 follicles.  So when the nurse came out 45 minutes later to take me back to see Bre, I expected her to tell me they had retrieved 20 to 25.  Nope! She looked at me and said, “Now, she’s going to be sore.  We got 41.” 41? 41! I was in shock! I knew my wife was an overachiever, but I didn’t realize what an OVARYchiever she was!  They took me back to see her in recovery where she was drinking Ginger Ale.  She looked at me in a fog and said, “I don’t even drink Ginger Ale. But I guess I do now.” We had to hang out for a little bit in recovery so that she could use the restroom before we left. Doctor’s orders.  The doctor that performed the retrieval also talked to us about the potential for freezing some off the eggs since they had retrieved so many.  We gave him permission to do that, understanding that it depended on how mature those 41 eggs were.  In other words, if the majority of those 41 eggs were mature, we would freeze some of the eggs.  If not, we wanted them all fertilized.  After only having 10 mature eggs during Round 1, this was a conversation we did not expect to have.

We finally headed home from Memphis.  I love her to death, but Breanne was pretty short tempered on the way home.  We stopped at a gluten free café to get her some oatmeal.  She told me to get something easy to eat while I drove, like a grilled cheese.  I chose oatmeal.  She rolled her eyes and stormed out of the café to the car, the best she could storm.  Then, on the way home, the sound of me eating my oatmeal was making her nauseated, so she needed music to drown out my chewing.  Well, nothing on the radio was good enough, so she opted for her Amazon Prime playlist.  We were just south of Southaven, and service kept cutting out, which led Breanne to tweet some pretty mean things at our cell phone carrier.  Breanne is new to Twitter and still trying to figure it all out, but yesterday she got her first replied to tweet.  Sorry CSpire!

Bre’s mom met us at our house to help cook, clean, and keep Breanne company while I ran errands and what not.  She was a big help, especially in choosing what to watch Monday night.  1 vote for Dancing With the Stars from Bre and 2 votes for football from us.  Thanks, Connie!

Post-Retrieval Day 1 – Tuesday

The lab in Memphis called us this afternoon to let us know that 26 of the 41 eggs were mature enough for fertilization, so they fertilized all 26 yesterday.  21 made it to two-celled embryos today.  We’ll get updates over the next few days on how the embryos are growing and surviving and will know how many we can freeze on Day 5, Saturday.

It’s crazy to think that our future baby may have been created yesterday afternoon while we were driving from Memphis to Jackson.  His or her mother was either napping, fussing at me about oatmeal, or mad tweeting to our cell phone provider.  But whatever she was doing, she was being pretty damn awesome.



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