We Pulled the Trigger

Today is Stim Day 8, and I am definitely feeling my swollen ovaries.  This past Thursday, a week since my baseline ultrasound, they had doubled in size.  That’s like going from grapes to apricots.  Today, they’re probably the size of plums!!!  The cramping isn’t sharp, stabbing, or even a throbbing pain.  It feels more like inflammation.  You know that pain you get in your bladder when you have to pee really, really, really bad? That’s the closest comparison I can think of.  Except it’s like having two bladders.

Not to complain, but on top of swollen ovaries, I’m also dealing with my jaw.  It all started with a sneeze Tuesday night. Yes, just a sneeze.  It threw my bite off, and, according to the oral surgeon I saw last week, I’ve popped some cartilage out of place or something.  My luck! I can’t have anything normal like a cold or a stomach bug.  Instead I get infertility and a jacked up jaw!

Moving on to more positive notes…

Brennen and I arrived in Memphis last night since we had a monitoring appointment early this morning. During our appointment, the ultrasound tech counted…drumroll please…32 follicles!!! She saw 12 in the left ovary and stopped counting at 20 in the right.  We left our Round 1 notes at home, but Brennen swears he has them memorized.  He says that at this point in Round 1 we had about 16 measurable follicles, so we’re talking twice as many.  We decided to celebrate with a delicious breakfast at Bedrock Eats and Sweets in Downtown Memphis.  I had a glorious gluten free cinnamon roll waffle with cream cheese icing.  The perfect celebration!

With 32 follicles and a good-looking uterine lining, we had a feeling we would be retrieving Monday.  We were right! We got the call this evening to take the Lupron trigger shot at 8:30pm.  The trigger shot is administered 36 hours before the scheduled retrieval.  It’s called a “trigger” because it triggers the eggs to loosen up from those follicles and get ready to release.  However, the retrieval has to happen BEFORE they release.  I have to admit, I’m so nervous that I’ll ovulate before the retrieval; but, as my mother so wisely reminded me, “That’s out of your control.” So with college football playing in the background, we “pulled the trigger.”  And it just so happens that our Southern Miss Golden Eagles scored a touchdown during the shot, so I’m pretty sure that’s a good sign.

Retrieval is scheduled for Monday morning at 8:00am.  Tomorrow we will go in for just one more monitoring appointment.  We’ll update everyone after the retrieval.  Well, I’ll be doped up on anesthesia and pain pills, so Brennen will probably tackle that post.

One more thing…Brennen’s streak of no bruises ended on what turned out to be our last full day of stimming.  I jinxed us in my last post. It’s clearly my fault…


In his defense, the shot was administered in a Kroger parking lot on the way to Memphis.  But I think he still gives shots like a pro!