Being Productive Pre-IVFers

This has been quite the productive two weeks in preparing for IVF Round 2, Cycle 2, Act 2, or whatever you choose to call it. Because I love a good bulleted to-do list, I figured I would fashion this post as such.

  1. Set up local monitoring – During the 12(ish)-day egg stimulation process, the doctor will need to monitor my follicle growth and estrogen levels to make sure my stimming is on track. Luckily, with local monitoring, I won’t have to make multiple trips to Memphis with inflated ovaries. A reproductive endocrinologist here in Jackson will do the ultrasounds and blood work and send the results to Memphis. From there, Dr. Memphis will decide if any adjustments need to be made to my medicine and will schedule the egg retrieval.
  2. Got rejected from a drug discount program – Even though it’s a rejection, it’s still progress.  The DesignRx First Steps Program provides financial assistance for the cost of stimulation medicines on a tiered level based on income.  Although we fell outside the levels needed to qualify, they did enroll us in the DesignRx Managed Cash Program which may provide some discounts for Follistim and Ganirelix.  This rejection also gave us an “in” to apply for another program called MDR Assist.  With this program, you can receive a 5% discount through MDR Pharmacy if you’ve been rejected from another program.  So the next steps are to 1) Get my prescription from Dr. Memphis, 2) Contact both my current pharmacy and MDR to get price quotes based on the two discounts, and 3) Compare prices to determine the most affordable option.  That’s the thing about to-do lists, you know. You mark one thing off and add three more!  For more information on both these programs, you can visit
  3. Made all new, all natural cleaning supplies – We are by no means all-natural hippies, but last week we rid our house of store-bought cleaners in an effort to reduce any chemical toxins in our home environment. Basically, we now make all our cleaning supplies with combinations of these 10 ingredients: vinegar, baking soda, Castile soap, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, washing soda, borax, rubbing alcohol, vodka, and essential oils. Needless to say, I’m addicted to cleaning these days thanks to my new toys!
  4. Started acupuncture – I can’t believe I can say, “Yeah, I’m doing acupuncture.” I won’t lie, it makes me feel cool. It’s not like the movies where you have hundreds of needles covering every inch of your body.  I only had about 16 needles in me during my first visit. I can honestly say, it wasn’t bad. After daily Menopur injections, aka liquid fire, these acupuncture needles ain’t nothin! It takes just a couple of minutes to put the needles in, a few seconds to take them out, and in between I get the best 25 minute nap of my life.  My next appointment is tomorrow, and acupuncture is quickly becoming the highlight of my week!
  5. Let Dr. Memphis know the plan – We contacted Memphis to let our doctor and his nurse know we hope to get this process started with my next cycle, which, thanks to my ever-so-punctual uterus, is scheduled for August 30th. At that point, I’ll begin taking birth control for down regulation to “reset” my ovaries. This time, the poor girls will know what’s waiting for them on the other side though.

So now, we just wait for my next cycle. We’re used to that. We’ve spent the last two years waiting on my cycle to start (or rather hoping it wouldn’t). Until then, we’ll pass the time with vitamins, acupuncture, natural cleaning supplies, and some Southern Miss football as we get ready to make Baby H.