13512124_10101571952307199_2477015428460214794_nHi! We’re Breanne and Brennen Hancock- married 5 years, from Madison, MS, and trying to make a baby. We have been struggling with infertility for a couple years and started sharing our story during our first IVF cycle in June 2016. We were astounded by the amount of support we received and even more amazed by how many couples opened up to us after struggling in silence for months and sometimes years.

As we began drafting posts and putting the blog together, we knew quickly that this blog would go way beyond a few Facebook and Instagram posts here and there. In sharing our story through this medium, it means divulging personal details and talking about girly parts, hormones, and how babies are made. It also means digging down into the depths of our emotions and pouring them out in words. At times, we realize it will be hard to share, and it will probably be hard to read. Nonetheless, sharing our story is our coping mechanism, and we couldn’t be happier to start this blog and share it with you.

Disclaimer: Breanne’s ovaries are not actually fried. However, they have endured months of hormone induced stimulation and are swimming in a sea of endometriosis. Plus, almost every blog and boutique in Mississippi uses words like southern, magnolia, and rustic in their name, right? We figured we would follow the trend and try to find the lighter side of the struggle!